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Welcome to Cultivate Your Inner Badass: A Life-Changing Online Course by Erica Bonham, LPC, MA


By the end of this course, you will:


Feel like a badass in your bones, with unwavering self-confidence and self-love

Be more effective at regulating your nervous system and maintaining healthy relationships

Set better boundaries and experience more joy in your relationships

Develop communication strategies to deepen connections and intimacy with loved ones

Shine your light in the world, and live a life of purpose and fulfillment

Process and release trauma that's been holding you back from living your best life

Develop a loving and healthy relationship with your body

Unblock your creativity, find your tribe, and discover your higher purpose

This course is essentially all of Erica's favorite therapeutic and psycho-educational interventions, broken down into five modules:


Cultivating a Badass Nervous System.

This is foundational.  If you have seen my free webinar, this first module expands on our knowledge of the nervous system, how trauma is stored in the body, the importance of attunement and connection in our healing process and some body-based tools to help you start strengthening and healing your nervous system. 


Cultivating a Badass Sense of Self-Worth and Power.

You will learn to identify the values that light you up and guide your next chapter.  We will also begin to explore the importance of creating badass boundaries in your life.  We will do a little bit of “thought work” here, identifying negative beliefs and how to change them, but not just change them in your mind but in your bones.  


Cultivating a Badass Relationship with Your Body.

We will take a deep dive into our addictions because most of us have them (people pleasers anonymous anyone:-) We work towards truly embodying a loving relationship with food, sex, substances and productivity. We will also touch on chronic pain and some tools to help love yourself when our bodies feel like they are betraying us. We only get one body in  this life, we might as well figure out a way to love it.


Cultivating Badass Relationships.

We will explore the components of badass relationships, take a deeper dive into boundary setting and effective communication strategies and how to attend to your loved ones needs and desires without sacrificing your own. 


Cultivating a Badass Sense of Higher Purpose, Community and Creativity.

This is where we might just get a little “woo,” but with our feet planted firmly on the earth y’all!  No agenda or religious pushing here though. We will be unpacking dominant cultural values and spiritual trauma and exploring how those are blocks to creativity and community. We also touch on how to reconnect with your desires and why that is important to your spiritual growth. Here, we take a deeper dive into the importance of BOTH/AND practice and how to really embody that. This module is all about pulling the arc of humanity a little closer to love, justice, and joy on a collective level.  

 Invest in yourself and your future today. "Cultivate Your Inner Badass" is priced at $222 and is yours for life.

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✺ What Others are Saying about "Cultivate Your Inner Badass" Course ✺

As a therapist/consultant who has trained under Erica Bonham, I full heartedly endorse her “Cultivating your Inner Bad Ass” (CIBA) course. It is rich with state-of-the-art trauma informed content, tools and resources offering meaningful inquiry for those who desire deep healing. Erica is a Master Therapist/Consultant/Trainer. I recommend CIBA to friends, clients and colleagues."

Linda S (CIBA Pilot group participant and fellow Therapist, LPC)

I cannot emphasize enough how much Cultivating Your Inner Badass changed my life for the better.  My biggest takeaway from this course is that while being human is wonderfully complex, even the most confusing experiences with our bodies, minds and emotions can be understood by taking a look at how we were designed to function, protect ourselves and thrive.  I feel so grateful for the systems my body has in place, and better equipped with tools to help me navigate the trials and triumphs that come my way.  Erica is a vibrant spirit with a compassionate heart, a clear and experiential teaching style, and an incredibly cultivated set of skills and knowledge in her field. I am so grateful she created such an approachable way to learn some of these therapeutic techniques and insight into our magnificent bodies.  I came away from this course more excited to be human, more focused on listening to my body and heart, and excited to cultivate a life full of grace, intention and purpose."

Becca S (CIBA Pilot group participant)

Erica's "Cultivate Your Inner Badass" course is making ripples of healing throughout the nation. As a therapist that sees other therapists, I have been able to use the techniques from Cultivate Your Inner Badass both personally and professionally. My “therapist” clients have shared that they too are using the course's revolutionary techniques to provide relief to their clients."

Shelby S (CIBA pilot group participant and fellow Therapist, LPC)



ERICA BONHAM, LPC, MA, is a speaker, trainer, badass, and aspires to be a catalyst for change, inspiration, evolution and growth. She graduated with honors in 2011 from the University of Colorado, Denver with a degree in Counseling Psychology and Counselor Education.  She is a Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of Colorado.  She is also a certified yoga instructor and often draws on her experience with yoga to enrich her counseling and coaching practices. Erica is continuously humbled and inspired by her clients strength, beauty and bravery and is so deeply excited to be able to share her expertise with a wider audience. 


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Note: Please know that this course is psychoeducational in nature.


This course is designed to save you time and money in knocking out some of the psychoeducational and preparational pieces of therapy and create a strong foundation from which to do deeper therapy work. There are NO REFUNDS for the CIBA Course. We are intentional about being very clear about what is included


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